This was my first experience at a male/female shoot and I loved it. Our male model Connor Gibb has recently been signed and is jetting off to Singapore soon, so it was brilliant to work with him before he heads off. Rowena is currently going through a slight break down with all her models leaving so I'm trying to convince her to pay me a visit in Denmark... I will let you know how I get on. The inspiration for this shoot was derived from the androgynous theme that is all over the catwalk at the moment, and whilst researching the theme Rowena introduced me to model Andrej Pejić. It was the first time in my life I have been jealous and wished to look like a man, and I'm hoping the last! Our trusty make-up artist Stephanie Milne was on hand to scrub us up, and as always she nailed it! It is sooo relaxing it almost puts me to sleep having my face painted by this talented lady. It sure makes a change to prodding my eyes with mascara wands and ripping at my lips with blunt liners - my usual morning routine. 

 "I think the reason that everyone has so much fun at our shoots is because we don't take ourselves too seriously. Work always comes first but there is always room for a cheeky gossip and banter. I would hate to become one of those stern, cold photographers who doesn't speak." - Rowena Winram

Grace Arthur | gracearthurx


  1. Gorgeous photos!


  2. impresionantes fotos con ellos.
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