Zara shoes RRP £29.99 Sale £19.99 // Vera Moda  dress £30 // Oasis bag £32  

These Zara beauties have been my only taste of sale shopping so far this Summer. This is displaying self discipline on a whole new level considering I spend 7 days a week working in the fashion industry and cannot escape the SALE temptation. I'm proud to say however, that 90% of my wages have been making it successfully into my Denmark funds. This may sound extreme but I have one pay day left before I leave... one month and I am out of this city until the end of January. Lease is signed, flights are booked, it's finally all becoming real! I am beginning to panic though, not about the language barriers, nor about being homesick.... but about how to fit my life into one suitcase. I'm pretty sure my shoes could fill a suitcase alone. 

Any suggestions/advice for packing please share them with me.
Grace Arthur | gracearthurx


  1. I love the look ! The shoes add a touch of "edge" and structure, nice one :)

    Iman || www.manigazer.com

    1. Thanks Iman, they were a great price too I just couldn't resist!

  2. Those boots are gorgeous! Well done for resisting the sales considering you work in fashion. I used to work on Oxford St and it was so hard!

    The packing tip I've heard is rolling cloths instead of folding, creates more space! Good luck with it. :)

    Love From Twinkle

    1. Thank you Twinkle! I cannot begin to imagine the temptation on Oxford street especially around Christmas time - doesn't bare thinking about. I know for certain my bank balance would not appreciate me having a job there. Thanks for the packing tip, I guess that would stop clothes creasing as much too!