Summer brings out more than just the sun. It brings out ridiculous diets, and even their more ridiculous followers. Call me ignorant but I cannot understand why people starve themselves in the run up to their holidays?! You'll only feel hungry, exhausted and gain weight like crazy the moment that sex on the beach touches your lips. I completely agree there is pressure for that 'perfect summer body' but is eating nothing but cereal for weeks the right way to get it? I'm no nutritionist but there is NO waaaaay your body will be thanking you for that. I'm a strong believer that everything is fine in moderation including carbs and even chocolate. If you want to loose weight be patient and do it the old fashioned way. It's no secret - just eat healthier, drink more water and exercise.

I on the other hand am going through a chocolate phase right now and cant get enough. I have recently started following Hannah Bakes Cakes on Facebook and would highly recommend her to those of you who are happy to indulge every now and then. This talented lady manages to make me hungry every time I scroll through my newsfeed. I am yet to try her sweet treats as I just don't know how acceptable it would be to order a box for myself, but I am very tempted. Below is a box of 6: Snicker, Choc mint, Caramel egg, Oreo and Just choc ferrero rocher - basically heaven in a box. I guess sticking to 'everything in moderation' would be difficult with these... I for sure would inhale them all in no time.

I'm hoping one day the food pictures and recipes I share will be my own and look half as good as these beauties. Here's to wishful thinking! 

Grace Arthur | gracearthurx 


  1. I completely agree. everything in moderation! Those cupcakes look delicious!!!


  2. mmm those all look so delicious! Especially the Oreo one...!


  3. Hello lovely, I've just came across your blog and it's awesome!

    I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post - wow these looks amazing!!

    I have a new outfit post up on my blog, would love to know your thoughts :)