Branding and Marketing Class of 2014

   Latvian Lazy Cake 

   Danish Licourice

   Checking out Belgium's chocolate

   Brazilian truffles, Dutch cheese and some Polish fruit

I'm feeling guilty today and having a fruit salad for breakfast. This is really unlike me as I am a die hard cereal, toast and jam girl. Yesterday as part of our In Sync course work, we had to arrange a class activity to get to know everyone. Thankfully my Branding and Marketing ladies were on the same wave length as me and also felt that this activity should involve food. We decided to organise an international picnic and so not only did I get to know all my lovely class mates, but I got to taste their home delicacies. The original plan was to bake some short bread but then I found out they sold it in the local supermarket! It went down a treat, but despite it being sold over here in Denmark nobody had heard of it. There were so many amazing snacks to try and  I am still recovering from my food coma. To be honest it was completely self inflicted as once everyone else in the room had stopped eating I continued, like a little pac man, clearing the table. I am going to excuse myself by saying I was just being polite, I didn't want anyone to think we didn't like their delicacies. I was always brought up to finish everything on my plate and it just happened there were a lot of plate's to clear...

Grace Arthur | grace.arthur

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  1. It's so lovely to see so many familiar faces ! we would've been classmates haha ! Have a great time at TEKO ! See you at RGU when you come back ! hugs