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I've come to the conclusion that transport is just not for me. Over here in Denmark people cycle everywhere. It's strange as in Aberdeen cyclists are pretty rare and usually dangerously trying to dodge cars on the main roads ...meanwhile in Denmark there are huuuge cycle lanes dedicated to all the fittties. I soon realised that riding a bike wasn't really optional and I decided to go for the whole "When in Rome..." thaaang and find myself some wheels. After days of trying to track down a 2nd hand bike I realised it was time to stop being such a little cheap skate and buy a new one. Getting 2 trains to meet a random Danish man to pick up a bike (that could be shit, as I wouldn't know the difference) just wasn't worth the bargain. 

Instead Heather and I found new bikes in the local shopping centre and with an early start at school the next day we weren't really in any position to be fussy. The man in the shop looked confused when we said we had no car and went on to tell us how large the boxes were and that we might not manage them. ALARRRRM bells were ringing, boxes? Why is my bike in a box? I got over this pretty quickly decided that building it would be a laugh, and went on to tell the man we were more than capable - it was only a 10min walk. 

....The pictures say it all. We made it to the end of the road and had to do the walk of shame back to call a taxi to get home. 3hrs, two Danish instructions books and 2383204  random bits of metal later we realised we could not do this alone (even my trusty/last resort youtube tutorials weren't helping). So we resorted to bubbling on an International exchange student Facebook group, begging for a someone to help. ALONG CAME ANDREI WITH HIS TOOL BOX. Not only the most hilarious guy in Herning, but also a professional cyclist. Hallelujah! 

It was almost midnight, both bikes were looking like bikes, then Andrei broke the news my tyre had a puncture... OF COURSE IT DID... and so the bike saga continued. Luckily today the store agreed to replace my bike, Andrei came back over to fix it and we all lived happpily ever after :) At least until I discovered that it IS in fact possible to forget how to ride a bike!! I would have loved to take a bike selfie for you all but unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to take my hands off the handle bars for longer than 3 seconds yet. Apologies in advance to anyone that encounters me on tomorrow mornings school run, I will try and stick to the right side of the road!

Goodnight lovely's wish me luck,
Grace Arthur | grace.arthur

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