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2 planes, 4 trains and a taxi later, I finally made it to our destination - Herning, Denmark. Travelling with 6 months crammed into a cheap ASDA suitcase was a recipe for disaster. I discovered the day before leaving Aberdeen that my trusty suitcase was going to be too small and so opted for a last minute panic trip to ASDA with my boyfriend and Dad to try and find a replacement. This replacement suitcase was a lot bigger which meant it fitted a lot more and of course I ended up waaay over the weight limit (hours before my flight was due).

2 planes later, it was a relief to unpack the contents of my rucksack and hand bag back into my suitcase. This included a laptop, jeans, socks and 19303 chargers. At the time this idea seemed genius, there was nobody to tell me I could only have 23kg in my case and my poor wee shoulders were finally regaining feeling. Genius idea? I couldn't have been more wrong. Copenhagen airport/train station have this really funny system where they don't tell you where your train will be until 2 minutes before it arrives. So 2 minutes before our first train arrived Heather and I joined the mobs running about. Off we ran in heeled boots with suitcases dragging us down laminate slopes. It was an experience. The man beside us on the train thankfully helped us with our cases before asking if we had 3 dead bodies in them.

This whole carry on was repeated again to get on the next train. Only this time with less signs - we had to ask to make sure we were heading on the right train.... the kind train man reassured us we were. AGAIIIIN couldn't have been more wrong. Maybe there was a language barrier and he was just smiling and nodding to shut us up... But this 2nd train was in fact the wrong one. We were told this by a very confused ticket lady after we'd been travelling the wrong way for over an hour. Nothing 2 extra trains a taxi and 3 hours more travelling couldn't solve.... Finally after 14hrs travelling WE MADE IT! Still smiling, probably from the haribo inflicted sugar rush, but smiling all the same.

Here are some pictures I took on TEKO campus at my induction day:

I am going to try and post regularly to let you know what we've been getting up to. For now though I'm away to book flights to Munich - heeellooo Oktoberfest!!!
Grace Arthur | grace.arthur

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