Luckily Herning is a small enough city that you can get to know it pretty quickly. In fact you can see everything there is to see in a day or two. This doesn't mean, however, that there aren't plenty of beautiful parks and places to eat hiding away from the main tourist paths.
I moved to Herning almost 2 months ago, so at this point I don't quite feel qualified to give recommendations to you all, however with my boyfriend coming to visit I certainly felt ready to show him around. This is what we got up to on his visit.


 A little taste of home! Can take the girl out of Scotland, but you certainly cannot take away her craving for home delicacies. I've been craving tattie scones since I got out here and despite the international student's being disgusted by the idea of eating sausage and bean's for breakfast, I am determined to make them a fry up.


 We visited the TEKO, my University campus. It was a beautiful day which is strange in Herning. The weather here is similar to that in Scotland, however the sun seems to have come out for Jonny's visit - touch wood it stays. We climbed this monument located on the campus and from the top got a wonderful view. It was a Friday so we could see the student's outside drinking beer at the Friday Bar.


We visited an interior design shop and I fell in love with EVERYTHING! There is something about Scandinavian design. Without sounding ridiculously creepy... I often glance in peoples windows when walking to the city centre and every house without fail is stunning inside. The art work on the wall, the cactus in the window, the strange metal sculpture in the corner of the room - just stunning.


We went for a trip into the city, of course peeking in windows along the way. I want to stress that they all leave there blinds open and that I am not going out of my way to be nosy. Anyway, we were both starving and decided to give cosy cafe a try. Thirsty from the walk Jonny asked the waitress for the biggest beer possible, and despite the language barrier (Jonny's strong accent) the waitress indeed brought out JUMBO pints.


 Classes were cancelled today due and the sun was shining. This called for a swim at the lake. The last time I visited the lake I went by bike and didn't realise that walking it would take almost an hour after telling Jonny it wasn't far... He got me back by throwing me into the water, several times much to the amusement of the people in passing canoes. 


 You guessed it, eating again! We went to Karma this time, a popular cafe amongst students (due to it's 10% discount) and we successfully ate our way into food comas. The burgers were amazing and I can't stress enough that you won't need any side orders (unless like myself your eyes are considerably bigger than your belly).


 Freshman Jungle Parrrrrty! Somehow Mr never been to Uni in his life managed to blag his way to the biggest party of the year. We soon learned that symmetry was neither of our strong points and went for the half painted face look. People were drunk by the time we arrived and our wonky art work was the least of their concerns.


 It was time for our last meal out in Herning. It was an easy choice, back to cosy cafe we went. This picture does it no justice but the atmosphere and interior of the cafe is so inviting and unique. The bruscetta is also off the scale which was a factor in this decision.


 I couldn't let Jonny leave Denmark without a visit to the chocolate shop. We had ice cream and the amazing Danish Flødeboller, translated as “cream balls.” These cream balls are actually made with a wafer or marzipan base, a marshmallow/meringue/sugary body and a layer of chocolate covering the whole thing. They’re  basically Danish Tunnock's tea cakes.

DAY 10

 A final sunny day in Herning, called for a picnic and a nap in the sunshine with a very sleepy superman. I have no idea how we managed to get 10 days of sunshine, soo jaaaammmy! However once again, I am not complaining. This grassy area is at the back of my apartment and is so peaceful to sit and relax, which is exactly what we did.

I had the most amazing 10 days, but now I suppose the time has come stop avoiding the fact I  have an assignment due in on Thursday. Back to reality for me, at least until Friday when I will be jetting off to Munich to celebrate my best friends birthday at OKTOBERFEST! I am ridiculously lucky, and appreciate every minute I am spending in these beautiful culturally rich countries. Until then is time to study!

Grace Arthur | grace.arthur

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