Once again public transport and I ran into some trouble. A missed bus led to being stranded in the Danish countryside, hours before my flight was due to leave. (Stranded at Burger King I should add, the location really could have been a lot worse.) This cheap trip to Malta was getting pricier by the minute, a £100 taxi later and we made it to the airport. I sat in the departure lounge with a stupid amount of chocolate and water, trying to get my hungover wee head around my taxi costing the same as the flights. Going out the night before a days travelling is something I regret every time but never seem to learn from.

This holiday in Malta was also the first time I have used Air BnB, as hotel prices were out-with my student budget. I was lucky enough to have the lovely Vicki as a host in an apartment minutes away from the night life and main street. Vicki made me feel so welcome her map of where to eat was spot on. My week in Malta consisted of changing race and eating delicious food.

This is what my lunches looked like. In Malta people often have a big lunch or a big dinner because of the heat they don't have a huge appetite. I chose to have both. It appears nothing will cause my appetite to calm down, not even the scorching Maltese sunshine.

Vicki (my host) convinced us to visit a beautiful near by city and try cakes at a cafe that had breath taking views. Unfortunately my phone did these views no justice, so here is a picture of me instead with a few strange lights in the background. You'll have to take my word for it, it was incredible.

Vicki could not have been more right. This huuuge wedge of chocolate cake was delicious. I'm no expert when it comes to baking but I have eaten my fair share of cakes and this was up there with the best. Despite the colossal size I then went on to order some cheesecake too... which was eaten before I had time for a picture.

There are sooo many cruises and boat trips you can do. The one we chose took us around Gozo, Comino and to the blue lagoon. It might sound like I'm stating the obvious with it being called the blue lagoon, but I have never seen water so blue in my life! It is breathtaking. 

Ignore how sweaty I am here, I had been sitting on a bus for quite some time. We got to stop off and see the Azure window (set from Game of Thrones). We took a 4 euro boat around the surrounding caves, that was pretty cool. I feel almost obliged to watch Game of Thrones now.

Not only did I manage a huge lunch and dinner I also put away my fair share of deserts. I will never understand people who are too full for deserts. There is always room. I am a strong believer that there is absolutely a separate area is the stomach designed for deserts as perfect as these.

The capital city Valetta was stunning and I wish we hadn't left it until the last day. There just wasn't enough time to see it all! This is the inside of St John's Cathedral which was absolutely stunning and well worth a visit. Make sure you dress appropriately though, or you will be made to wear a yellow shawl. Yes, I am talking from experience. I wore trousers but couldn't bare a t-shirt in the heat... my vest was simply not appropriate.

This strange upside down back to front LOVE monument actually reflects the word onto the water. There were railings beside it where people attached locks with loved ones names and dates. I thought about doing it but finding somewhere that sold locks then a marker pen just seemed like a lot of hassle. Instead I went for a dip.

Now back to Herning,

Grace Arthur | grace.arthur

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