Moving country has come with it's challenges. The language, the public transport, the currency and the cultural differences. 

I noticed as soon as I arrived in Denmark there was something not quite right. It began with holding the door open and receiving no thanks and escalated to smiling at a baby and being stared down by the mother. I learned why today, during a class on culture, two months too late. Apparently over here smiling at strangers is not a thing. Nor is holding open doors, and certainly no small talk.  Since moving to denmark I reckon I have smiled at 90% of the people I've made eye contact with, not a huuuuge creepy grin, but a smile all the same. Back home it's completely normal to say how cute a baby is, to pet a strangers dog or even make small talk with a taxi driver. In scotland I'm polite and in Denmark I'm just weird!

You're mad, I'm mad, we're all mad here!
- Cheshire Cat 

Grace Arthur | grace.arthur

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