Clothes are about more than just practicality. There are reasons to be interested in clothes that go far beyond avoiding nudity. I remember the first time I saw a piece of clothing I loved. I was 4 and that oranges and lemons dress, symbolized independence. From then on I chose what I wore, that crop top for my 6th birthday party at Funky Forest, made me feel like a spice girl. And nothing compared to the freedom of running through Duthie Park with my purple light up trainers. My only care in the world was making it to the sea-saw before my Sister. Just last week I was looking through old family pictures of my uncle in snake skin platforms and began questioning why I wasn't born in the 70's. 
Moving to Denmark another was one of these moments. There is nothing quite like the beauty of Scandinavian fashion and studying at TEKO, with numerous designers gave me an insight to their work. Having always been a lover of loud prints, this simplistic beauty was new to me, but drew me in all the same. Instead of bold colour and patterns the focus was on the tailoring, the silhouette, and the texture. Eager to dig deeper and find out more I decided to  attend the TEKO mode show, where I could meet the designers and view their collections.


Photographer: Egon Hye
Models: Caroline Margit Fjord, Anna Indriksone. 
MUA: Mette Bülow Andersen 

To see a teaser movie of the collection, click here.


Models: Miriam Bjerg Sørensen (top), 
Margaux Alexandra

"’I love to use combinations of materials you normally don’t see together. I go on a “journey” with the garment, using the materials I have around and see where it leads me." 

"The story behind the collection was the idea of using technology to stop or prolong a moment in time. Which was portrayed visually in my pictures through the use of movement and a slow shutter speed." 

Photographer: Stine Kjergaard
Model: Simone Langagerhttp

I am grateful for the opportunity I had to meet and talk to these talented ladies. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more from them in the future, and I wish them all the best with the rest of their studies at TEKO.

Grace Arthur | grace.arthur

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  1. Thansk for the friendly words Grace. From Julie Jøhnke.