It's sad how routine blinds you, I forgot just how beautiful Aberdeen was. Sara is a student from TEKO and is currently studying at RGU (I guess we have kind of switched places). Interviewing Sara was close to my heart as her positive outlook and energy helped to open my eyes and show my home town in a new light. 


I have always been interested in fashion and fascinated about magazine editorials, about the stories built around clothes. I used to want to become a fashion designer, even took classes during high-school at a local Arts School in my home town back in Romania. I used to draw a lot and dream of one day dressing up a celebrity in a gown designed by me. When high-school started I became a real extrovert and I was always taking photos with my friends, playing dress-up and imagining fashion stories for various amateur shootings, as if we were working for a magazine. I soon got tired of posting those photos on my social media platforms. I felt the need to reach a wider audience. Then I discovered Tumblr. Tumblr is where blogging began for me. Blogger came along later and my website developed during my first years of uni in Denmark. I finally had my own platform where people were offering their objective opinion, and I was also able to have a travel diary, which helped me keep everyone back home updated. 


As I said, fashion has always been a passion (cliché). I wasn’t aware of the concept of blogging in the beginning. I can’t really remember how I discovered it actually. I guess the internet is an extraordinary place. Blogging allows me to express myself and make my voice heard. It allows me to also be my own editor and write the stories I want around fashion & lifestyle, so I love it!
Travelling comes natural to me. I’ve been travelling abroad alone since I was probably 13. I always knew I want to also study abroad. And yet, I have so many other places to discover. I just need to be patient. 

WHAT are you looking to gain from your time in scotland?

I moved to Scotland to continue my studies. Apart from gaining a degree in Fashion Management at RGU in Aberdeen, I want to make the most out of my time here and seize every opportunity that might come along. I have already met a series of creative people and I’ve only been here for a little over 2 weeks. So my time in Scotland appears to be quite promising! Can’t wait to live the next adventures!

you have a great energy, how do you keep such a positive mindset?

My energy comes from a powerful desire to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind (cliché again I know ) but it’s true. Even during the gloomiest of days I try to force myself to think positively. And it works. Just smiling in the mirror, playing a mood-boosting song and being grateful will kick-start my day in the best way possible. Everyone goes through ups and downs but it’s important to keep yourself hopeful and thankful. Gratitude is really the key. And sports! (haha) Yes, I am always at my best when I am physically active. And you might be able to see that on my Instagram: @sara_constance. 

what were your first impressions of aberdeen?

My first impressions of Aberdeen are: WOW. OH MY. I feel so grateful for living this life ! I am finally able to walk to the beach any time I want, run, practice yoga, breathe, smile, watch the dogs playing and the kids laughing. Pure bliss! I hope to see more of Scotland whilst I am here... I hope to see it all!

Stay up to date with Sara's adventure at: http://www.saraconstance.com/

Grace Arthur | grace.arthur

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  1. Thank you so much, sweetheart ! Can't wait to meet you in person !! Enjoy your time in Denmark !