Jeans, top, jumper ASOS // boots boohoo

Skinny jeans, loose knits and black boots are my go to staples this winter. There is something effortlessly perfect about them. Black jeans are an absolute must and I've only heard good things about the ASOS Rivington's (bottom left). With a 20% off ASOS promotion, it would have been rude not to. I love a high waisted fit as it leaves no need to hike your jeans up every 2 minutes and it lets me wear crop tops comfortably in winter without freezing... or having to reveal my lack of abs. As for the boots, this purchase can be justified. I wore my last pair to the point where I was stapling them together at a hotel reception in Munich - much to the disbelief of the receptionist. I think a new pair were long over due. I've also been contemplating buying some leather trousers, but I'm just unsure about the whole hot sweaty sticking to your skin and squeaking when you walk carry on. I am swaying towards investing in some coated skinnies instead - what do you think?

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