Since moving to Denmark I have noticed a huge change in my diet. I have always liked the idea of healthy eating however putting it into practice was a different story, it seemed so time consuming and unappetising. 

I'm not sure what moment it was when I decided to get my act together. Perhaps it was in our culture class when we were discussing our favourite foods from back home. Going from Iceland's oily fish and Poland's fresh salads to my toad in the hole, fry up, and caterpillar cake received quite the reaction. It could also have been the moment when we were at the farmers market and I couldn't name half of what my class mates were buying (Kale to me looked like lettuce that had gone off and wrinkly). Either way I realised I needed to do something about it. I began following health Blogs, Instagram and twitter pages to become inspired and it worked slowly vegetables began creeping into my fridge and evening meals. 

The biggest turning point for me was when I visited a Danish family for a meal as part of a programme set up by TEKO. I told my host family via email that I was happy to try anything once, embarrassed to reveal my fussy eating habits and determined to try something new. New is exactly what I got. I walked into the kitchen to see a beautiful table with chop sticks at each place mat. Yes, the man of the house was not only a fan of sushi but was in fact a sushi chef at his very own sushi restaurant. The only fish I ate before came in the form of fingers from Birdseye so this was a big leap. The meal turned out to be beautiful and I am proud of myself for trying something new. I'm not so proud of my chop stick technique though... I had to use a strange plastic device instead. Regardless my meal left me feeling full, a nice guilt free full. 

Vegetables are becoming more than just a decoration on the side of my plate.

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