I'm approaching the one week countdown for my return to Scotland. I've learned so much since moving out here and experienced so many 'first times' from using a washing machine (I know, shocking) to watching an ice hockey match. The three things that have had the biggest impact on me though have got to be the following...

REAL Danish pastries - The only phrase I can honestly say I've leaned out here is how to order en kanelsnegle (one cinnamon bun) This new found love for pastries was both a blessing and a curse, and came along with forking out for a gym membership and attending numerous exercise classes carried out in Danish. There was a lot of nodding, smiling and hiding at the back.

I learned me how to build a bike! It may have taken You tube tutorials, and a desperate plea on Facebook for assistance, but we got there in the end. I also made a great friend in the process (Andei, the gentleman who kindly came to my aid). I then discovered that you can forget how to ride a bike - the first few days were wobbly. Oh and bike locks are not to be bought on the cheap after the key snapped in mine and left it stuck to a metal pole - cue another desperate Facebook plea.

I was given the opportunity to study at the quirkiest University campus. This is what it looks like when design meets business, TEKO. I looked out my classroom window onto a sculpture garden with the work of local artists and talented students. There were also random roaming cows which was great fun! The laid back time table allowed me to follow my dreams to travel Europe, and my fabulous class mates made my time here in Denmark what it was.

If Denmark has taught me anything it's there is so much more I want to see in the world. Different languages, foods, people, cultures, they all fascinate me. I understand this comes at a cost but what better way to motivate yourself to work hard than having a dream. They always say if your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough and the cost of these travels scares me silly! 

See you again soon, 'The worlds happiest nation.'

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