I thought I would jump on the band wagon and share with you all my goals for 2015. I'm fully aware of my New Years resolution track record and so if I achieve at least one and a half of these I will be over the moon. 

1. Revamp my wardrobe

Living in Denmark has introduced me to a new found love for simplicity. Along with that India Rose is back on the blogging scene so the temptation to spend is going to be ridiculous. All her outfits are minimalistic and on point (see below). I have now have countless unrealistic baskets saved to my bookmarks  - I will be sharing a wish list with you soon!

photo credits: @imindiarose 

2. Be healthier

I've outgrown the 'wanting to be skinny' chapter. This year I am stepping off the scales, resisting the calorie counting and I'm all about being healthy. I'm looking for more energy, a better sleeping pattern, and a nicer complexion! I have no time for fad diets, with milkshakes or cereal for every meal, time to do it the good old fashioned way - with a nutritious diet, plenty water and exercise!

3. Visit a new country

There are so many beautiful countries to choose from! I'm lucky enough to have made some lovely international friends during my time here in Denmark and I will 100% be taking them up on their offers to visit their beautiful home countries.  What better excuse to visit countries like Iceland? I really want to see more of Europe over the next two years before road tripping America! That is the dream anyway.

4. Learn a new skill

So, last year I learned how to knit. I may still be working on the same scarf I started with but I've really enjoyed it and can't wait for that sense of achievement when I eventually finish it. Don't be surprised if you catch me wearing it through Summer! This year I'm hoping to learn a language or maybe how to rock climb? Who knows.

5. See more of Scotland

Before I jet off desperately seeking new experiences I think it's important I appreciate what's right on my door step. There is a lot more I'd like to see in Scotland I sometimes forget just how beautiful it really is here. If you can recommend any places for me to check out please leave a comment! I'd love to hear the places you guys have been to.

photo credits: Buzzfeed, StevanZZ / Thinkstock 

What are your goals for 2015? 
If we have any in common let me know!

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