I had the pleasure of modelling for Ishoka's style bar this weekend. I was working with the talented Andrew Gladwell, who got creative using knots rather than pleats to create some beautiful styles. Andrew found inspiration from Marc Jacobs knotted mowhawk described as "Bijork at an 80's rave" by the designer. He took this 1980s rave scene look and transformed it into something softer and more wearable for those of us not brave enough for the original: 

Images: Elle, Hollywood Reporter, The Fashion Spot

My hair's certainly appreciated the attention it received at Ishoka with it barely seeing a brush these days. I've gotten so lazy since my hairs grown to a length that I can shove it up in a messy bun. When it's between getting up to wash you hair or an extra 30 mins in bed - messy bun to the rescue. I contemplated making a Youtube tutorial to show just how simple this go-to hairstyle is but I don't think I'm not ready to accept how ridiculous my voice sounds on camera, so instead I will leave the vlogging to the beautiful Zoella. Click here to see her tutorial. I'm looking forward to showing you all the final style bar images, and of the hard work by the creative team at Ishoka. 

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines weekend!

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