1. You have got to try these traditional Polish dumplings. They come either boiled or fried, I tried both and they're both equally as amazing. Spinach and cheese were outstanding and the meat ones... well the 'meat' was questionable - I couldn't tell you what was inside - but it sure tasted good.

2. You can't miss this beauty of a building. When we visited we were lucky enough to see a giant game of tetris being played live on the windows. My inner geek definitely came out that night as we spent hours drinking beer and watching flashing windows.

3. Then there is the giant flower rainbow, which is now guarded 24/7 by security after it was set alight one too many times. If you get the chance there is an amazing little breakfast cafe across the road which does the best fresh bread and pastries.

4. Again swaying back to the topic of food but the street markets are so GOOD! The fresh blueberry buns are a must, as are the juice stalls. I can't go so far as to recommend a flavour as the wee chap serving us hadn't the slightest clue what was in which.

5. Hammocks, so many hammocks. Doesn't get much better than swinging in one, listening to live music, and drinking ridiculously cheap Polish beer. You'll find them everywhere, the beach/lake, the city centre or hidden away in a suburban area like this little treasure.


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